In 2002, Julian Bedel and partner Lloyd Nimetz started HelpArgentina (www.helpargentina.org) as a vehicle by which to build a stronger social sector in Argentina.

Founded in New York City, HelpArgentina is a 501(C)3 charity that has raised more than $3 million dollars in aid of underprivileged communities in Argentina. The charity functions by sending money to Argentinean social organizations working towards furthering community development, public policy, human rights, general nutrition, education and other important social reforms.
As founder of FORMA and cofounder of HelpArgentina, Julian Bedel believes in the importance of having a philanthropic vision for his company, as well as working within his native community for social change.

Next to social reform, Julian Bedel believes in creating an awareness of the rising importance of sustainable architecture in Latin America. Founded in 2008, Sociedad de Arquitectura Sustentable (www.arquitecturasustentable.org) (The Society for Sustainable Architecture) is an architectural organization committed to the promotion of sustainable design and building practices.