In 1998, Julian Bedel founded VIRTUALTRIP. The company was born from the growing enthusiasm for an emerging and interactive means of communication -- the Internet. VIRTUALTRIP as a company aims to develop digital strategy tools which will allow people to take advantage of the Internet in an intelligent way.

Shortly after its creation, VIRTUALTRIP began to understand that its clients lacked brand strategy. FORMA was created to occupy this niche: a firm entirely devoted to helping new and existing companies to strategically develop and position their brands.
VIRTUALTRIP is composed of a team of experts who use technology according to the comprehensive brand strategy defined by FORMA. VIRTUALTRIP creates web solutions that allow FORMA’s clients to more efficiently relate to their public.

FORMA is part of the FITZROYA independent network: a nation of communication, marketing, publishing and philanthropic tribes. FORMA works with its sister agencies under the management of FITZROYA. These sister companies specialize in different areas, but rely on each other to help clients create a more complete brand. The companies collaborate by sharing information and accountability, and by working with FORMA and the other FITZROYA tribes clients can accomplish all their branding needs, without the difficulties and legalities that come from working between outside companies.

The FITZROYA nation includes the following tribes:
FORMA: complete brand strategy
VIRTUALTRIP: digital branding strategy
Machete: an art publishing house
HelpArgentina: a nonprofit social charity
Sociedad de Arquitectura Sustentable (The Society for Sustainable Architecture) : a nonprofit architectural charity