FORMA works exclusively with high-end companies and institutions of social value. The firm has particularly in-depth experience with cultural and governmental organizations, as well as the automobile, hospitality, restaurant, wine, and professional services sectors.

FORMA‘s home is in Buenos Aires, one of the creative capitals of the world: in 2005 it was appointed the first ever UNESCO “City of Design.” Experienced clients seeking a more modern, inventive approach to brand development have begun to look to Argentina and Brazil for inspiration. FORMA is able to draw from this cultural imagination in developing innovative and appealing brands.

FORMA has remained a boutique agency in order to better serve the particular needs of its clients. From company operations in Argentina and Brazil, the directors of FORMA travel across the US to meet with clients on a regular basis regarding the life of their brands. Furthermore, this committed, personalized approach to client relations does not end with the creation of the brand. Rather, in working with its international clients, FORMA seeks to build long-term relationships based on frequent contact and a close understanding.